Whitewashing Stonewall: Why I’m Not Optimistic

If you’ve taken our Basic Stonewall Quiz, you’ll know all there is to know about the Stonewall riots that are regularly cited as the catalyst of all the progress we’ve made today. You’ll also know about the predominantly poor gender non-conforming majority of color being at the center of that. You’ll also know that leadership came in the form of Marhsa P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera. That being said…

Why is #Stonewall being portrayed as having been led and sparked by a white cis man? Click To Tweet

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Prompt: Polyamory is…

What does polyamory mean to you?

Polyamory is a huge description that covers so many styles of nonmonogamous relationships that it’s almost impossible to pin down what it is exactly and be correct for everyone’s liking. And that’s a great thing!

For some people, polyamory is a description of their circumstances, while for others it is an indentification. Some wear it openly while others prefer to be more discreet.

The diversity of what constitutes polyamory is wonderful, and with that being said, I’d like to issue you this week’s creative prompt!

Leave a comment or submit a piece of writing or art. The best thought out and/or most creative ones will be featured on the blog next week (or be linked to if you have it published on your own blog). Send your submissions to [email protected]!
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Hey, Beautiful: Feel Good, Look Good!

The problem of having too much to do and too little time to do it is about as universal as breathing. And all that running around can really take a toll on your body and mind. If you’re anything like me, you probably look as frazzled as you feel some days (eye emojis at you, Mondays). In this post, I’d like to share 4 tips that make me feel beautiful inside and out.

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Asexual People of Color Zine: Brown and Gray

So in the spirit of abolishing myths about asexuality, I decided go a bit futher with coverage on asexuality on Contemporary Queer. On that note, let’s direct our attention to a marginalized group (people of color) within a larger marginalized group (people on the asexuality spectrum), within a larger marginalized group (queer and trans people).

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asexuality myths adriofthedead

Asexuality Myth Busters Infograph

So, asexuality is that fun part of the queer spectrum that everyone loves pretending isn’t there–or in the off chance that it is included, isn’t valid.

Written off as fake, attention-seeking, or “taking away from time and resources that could be given to real queer people (LGBT, with emphasis on the LG and even then, mostly G)”, asexuality is the surrounded by a slew of misinformation (like wrongly being equated with abstinance or chastity).

In an effort to correct that misinformation, Adri of House Tumblr (because I’m in my Game of Thrones phase so it sounds awesome to knight them like that) tackled some myths people have about asexuality and set the record straight in this amazing infograph that I’ve read at least 5 times since Monday. (For the record, today is Tuesday.) Read More

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Interview with Microphile Erotic Artist Drevon the Colossus

drevon the colossus, giant man, shrunken men, gay, macrophile
Drevon the Colossus and a lucky (or unlucky–depending on your POV) partner.

With a name like Drevon the Colossus, there’s little room for ambiguity in what you’ll be getting when you click on one of his erotic videos. But if you’re thinking you’re going to find your run-of-the-mill big-dicked man and that’s it, you’re thinking far too small.

Drevon is a microphile, a man for whom the ideas of dominance and towering over teensy-weensy partners brings sexual arousal. Unlike macrophiles, who prefer to see themselves as the tiny ones who are dominated, The Colossus puts himself on top, expansive as the the horizon and as tall as a tower.

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