Business Issue: Call for Submissions

What a time to be alive, amirite?!

We live in a world with the technology and tools for us to shape our spaces and futures like never before.

In this issue, wherein we make good on our word of supporting queer business, Contemporary Queer is going to inspire you with stories and motivate you with successes.

Your stories and your successes.

This is the issue where we wanna hear you toot your horn!

kennedymakeupSlay the Spotlight

Tell us what great thing you’ve done and how you’ve reached the point you’re at. Or interview someone who’s doing something freaking amazing!

Share Success Secrets

Share the tips for success–whether it be crafting a solid personal brand or using Adobe photoshop better; whether it be doing our makeup to slay or successfully taking a protest from the hashtag to the streets; whether it be teaching us to be better listeners or teaching us to be better lovers (arguably the same thing).

Share a Story

Tell us about your entrepreneurial journey, some inspiration that made you want to go into business for yourself, the story of a queer entrepreneur–something you think we should know!


And if you don’t want to write/create, feel free to support us! Read more and Give now! Give Now

Sage Nenyue

Sage is a twenty-something Millennial who lives with his partner and two cats in Recife, Brazil. He graduated with a Bachelor's in Communication Studies (Media Studies) from The College of Wooster and now teaches English to some of the most wonderful people you will ever meet.