Gay Macrophilia: A Sexual Fantasy of Great Proportions

I don’t always browse Tumblr, but when I do I’m always 1 click away from “weird sex tumblr” (WST)*. To see if you’re prone to this, go to Tumblr (it works best in a public place like a library or computer lab) and search for something innocent like “shoes”, “houses”, “Best anime to watch when you get stood up by your date again”. Within minutes of clicking around, you should find yourself in a place that will make you blush and hurriedly try to X out the screen as people start turning around and judging you. That’s when you know you’ve made it.

Anyway, I just so happened to have been transported to WST at home. Alone. And I stumbled on something that I found both erotic and fascinating and—if I were a nun—obscene. It was a man, the size of skyscraper, putting another man no bigger than his hand into his mouth. And that isn’t a euphemism for sucking cock.

Dude was legit about to devour little homie.

giant man, tiny man, eating, vore, gay macrophilia
If a blowjob is a hit, this must be a home run. Jus’ sayin’.

Exploring the tag, I would later discover it is called “macrophilia”, and that it’s way popular.

What’s Gay Macrophilia?

Macrophilia is so popular, in fact, that Carrie Weisman of Alternet wrote about the sexual fantasy, saying this:

Marcrophilia literally translates to “lover of large.” [As opposed to microphilia, which is “lover of small.”] But those grouped into this category are unique in that they aren’t getting off on others simply being “bigger” than them (as those in the fat admiration community do), but by people who tower over them in height.

Though this specific group of admirers (also referred to as “macrophiles”) can be male, female, homosexual or heterosexual, the overwhelming majority seems to be heterosexual males attracted to female giantesses. And in some cases, the macrophiles can trace their offbeat attraction back to childhood.

The rest of her article focuses on the man/woman dynamic of the fantasy, whereas I choose to investigate man/man relations and focus on one of the sub-categories of the fantasy.

What’s the Big Deal?

giant, giantess, couple
Image courtesy of Giant & Tiny.

Like we said earlier, gay macrophilia is a sexual fantasy of that involves major size differences—a reality-sized person and a partner that towers over him (and possibly nearby towers), a real-sized person and a person that shrinks to the size of a coffee mug (or perhaps a a bit larger or way smaller), or other interesting combinations. So after you change your size, you just go in and make sexy time, right? Unfortunately, no. Or fortunately, if you aren’t a fan of being drowned in an ocean of love juice by a man whose dick is literally the size of the Eiffel tower.

Macrophilia isn’t the type of sexual fantasy you can easily enact as you may be able to with, say, a foot fetish or an armpit fetish. No, macrophilia lives in the realm of imagination and shared worldbuilding between partners. There’s a lot of roleplay that goes on to create the sensation that one partner is larger than life and the other is a small fry. So how is it done? Community and technology.

Trying to Be the Bigger Man

macrophilia, giant men, tiny men
Image courtesy of Giant & Tiny.

Thanks to advancements in modern technology, while gay macrophiles can’t yet grow or shrink others and have sexy time, they can increase the potency of the fantasy with video, audio, drawings/photography, and erotic stories.

Vibrant online communities exist that allow creators to share their art with others, critique and request work, and even sell work. One such hub of connectivity** with thousands of members is the host of forums, chat rooms, galleries with pieces images/video/audio that number in the thousands, rivaled only by the immensely large library of stories—some single-chapter jerk off-intended pieces and others still multi-chaptered in depth fantasy novels. It’s where gay macrophiles meet, beat, and form connections with like-minded others.

A lot of the visuals and pieces are created with the intention to place the viewer/reader/listener in the middle of the action. Images and videos that show giant men are shot from below to make the object of the picture look even larger. Ones meant to place the viewer in the point of view of the giant show landscapes from areal standpoints. If the visuals are videos, the “giant” might speak to the camera or even pick it up from in front of the lens to create the sensation that the viewer is being picked up and carried. Likewise, stories can be written from either giant or tiny perspective to the same effect (depending on the ability of the writer). They can even told from the third person, so that the reader has a front row seat to all of the action.

There are also spaces on Facebook, Tumblr, and Youtube one could discover macrophilia (either by accident or on purpose). These social spaces can be freely accessible, completely private, or offer limited/selective viewership. Also, the amount that you divulge about yourself is completely up to you, which is great for a community that would be otherwise marginalized by an otherwise cruel public.

And the public isn’t necessarily cruel to the macrophilia itself, which many might place in the “strange-but-ok-whatever-floats-your-boat” category. Rather, they’d balk and antagonize the associated paraphilias, or associated sexual interests.

Sweet as Feet

One of the assorted sexual fantasies that coincides with macrophilia is what’s commonly known as the “foot fetish”. Not only does the person want to interact sexually with another person’s feet, but they want to do so when the object of their affection can be measured in units of the same name—or miles.

Stories, videos and images have been made of self-described unworthy “bugs” praising feet as big as mountains and beyond. And while there is some overlap, the sexual fantasies are not interchangeable: Not everyone who has a foot fetish is a macrophile, and not every macrophile has a foot fetish.

A Voracious Appetite

gay vore, shrinking, macrophilia
Image courtesy of tastyB.

Another is called “vorephilia”, usually shortened to “vore”, which is the sexual fantasy involving being in the mouth and swallowing—either of the person themselves, or watching it happen. If you’ll recall, this was what I stumbled onto at first.

The interesting thing about vore is the video aspect. For those that create and publish video, they really get creative in fabricating an experience. Why just “show” someone playing with a lego man or action figure with his tongue and teeth when you can give the viewer the first person tour of your mouth?

Similar to the foot fetish conjunction, being sexually aroused by mouths and macrophilia are neither mutually exclusive– liking one does not necessitate liking the other.

Growing Yourself, Growing Your Money

While a lot of the content in the gay macrophile communities is free and quasi-publically available (or at least requires some sort of evidence that you aren’t going to abuse the creator/community), there are many people who have been able to individually monetize their sexual fantasies (or at least see macrophiles as a niche to be mined) and create content based off their desires.

giant men, city, destroy

Platforms like clips4sale and Amazon and money exchange sites like paypal give macrophiles the tools they need to distribute their videos, images, and ebooks. Personalized content can also be made this way, so the customer’s name can be spoken throughout the video, or a giant can be drawn in the customer’s likeness.

There’s also the expectation of quality. Because a lot of content is so freely available, it isn’t necessarily thought of as being “worth it” at first glance. When the question of payment comes up, the idea that the media may be of higher quality also arises. This is where brand recognition comes n.

Many artists and videographers create their visuals in certain and recognizable styles. They also dole out many of their high quality pieces for free and hold the even higher quality pieces for transaction. And if you’re looking to just waltz in and make big money because you drew a man in the talons of another, you’ll be left with a sorely bruised ego.

The biggest earners in the communities work across media platforms and have gained trust by being a part of the community for years. Not only have they just made free media and marketed their costlier stuff, but they have interacted with others who vouch for them and their stuff. They also teach their tricks of the trade to other community members so that others can prosper (holding the more lucrative ones to themselves, of course).

The Big Finale

There are several other interconnecting sexual fantasies that go along with gay macrophilia as well as billions of realms I am missing in this piece. Like everything else they associate with themselves, the gay macrophiles’ community is a small one with the largest of hearts.

I would like to thank my guide, who wishes to remain anonymous, for helping me sort through the world of gay macrophilia and make sense of everything when stuff got too deep and all I wanted to do was run and cancel (to be fair: when you’re dealing with dudes whose toenails dwarf your house, flight is a perfectly acceptable defense mechanism).

I ask that if you go on to search for this gay macrophile community (either out of curiosity or because something in the article struck a chord within you) that you respect them and their sexual fantasies. They may not be to your tastes, but they’re just as worthy of the same respect as everyone else.

*I think it’s kind of rude to refer to it as “weird sex twitter” as it feels kind of shaming, but that’s (among other euphemisms) what it’s commonly known as.

**For ethical reasons, I did not name the community as it might subject the members of that community to online violence. If you’d like to know it, check out the first comment in the comments section.

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  1. The gay macrophile community I talked about in the article is located at . I chose not to include it in the main article because I wanted to make sure that readers first heard my call for respect for their small community. I wish I could stand guard and grant/deny access based on genuine interest, but the most I can do is reroute.

    I hope this resource helps anyone who might have been “struggling” with macrophilia embrace and find the beauty in their sexual fantasy. I hope any shame gets washed away and peace and happiness comes to these people.

    1. Thank you for sharing your link. If you’d like to write a story about your experience coming into this sexual fantasy community and publish it here, I’d love to run it. I wasn’t expecting so much traffic for this post but it’s wildly popular so I’m sure there’ll be interest in a first person account!

      Happy days!

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