Contemporary Queer is an experiment in speaking to and from the future. It’s an experiment in subverting “global” and accepting and promoting “globals”. We believe that you can find truth only when you accept the standpoints from various points as opposed to a single privileged way.

Contemporary Queer is for all queer people. No, really. But we do not center the cis white gay male and play top-down hierarchy.

In a nutshell: Real diversity isn’t a room of cis white people with a few tokens thrown in all valuing the same things and expressing themselves in the same way.

Great question! Honestly, it’s all in the context. There are times where “queer” means non-cis and/or non-hetero person or population and others when it is politicized and pit against a structured hierarchy of privilege that not only mirrors but cooperates with the oppression of “classes” of people while exalting others. And that’s only two possible context-specific examples!

It gets really heady and semantic, and seeing as this space is intended to have multiple voices, it’s difficult to cover everything. It might be better to ask the person that authored a specific piece what they meant when they said such and such.

We know we bad and you want our curves but there’s a line so you should take a number!
We’re still working out the kinks in that space. Check this space often or opt in to receive our newsletters that will announce when we are ready to receive such business. Further instructions will be there.

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