Write for Us

Do you have a fresh take on a topic that you think our readers would love?

Is there something going on that you’d like to share your opinion on–a current event in the world or in your life?

Or maybe you just wanna express some special talent of yours?

Whatever it is, here’s how:





So this is pretty self-explanatory: Send your pitch to us via email. It can be an idea you want us to help you brainstorm or something you’ve been sitting on for a while. When we agree on a vision, we’ll go from there.
After having had the pitch A-OK’d, now’s the time to put the ink to the paper and make it happen! Write for your life and ink to the gawds! (Or non-gods, if that’s your thing–it’s cool with us either way.) Send us whatcha got!
Now we don’t wanna put words in your mouth, so when we receive your piece, we’ll review it and, if necessary, ask for clarification. Only the best for our readers! When we’re all good, it’s green-lit and we’ll go!


Drop us a line at contemporaryqueer-dot-com-at-gmail-dot-com and we’ll get back to you!

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