When Jaden says Dress, Nobody can say No! (Video)

Jaden Smith has been widely criticized and analyzed by media and society for living as he sees fit–especially with his decision to wear clothing deemed “feminine” or “for women.”

But Kat Blaque claps back!

It’s as if someone from the background of our collective life’s story said, “You gone learn ‘naday!” and Kat was the one who decided to take us to school.

In this episode, Kat talks about the complexities of our understandings of gender identity, gender expression, and Jaden Smith. So go on and learn you some knowledge! (Don’t forget to leave a comment telling us what you learned!)

In this video, we discuss how the ideas of masculine gender presentation have changed over the centuries and how the femininity of today was the masculinity of yesterday.

Let’s all agree that Jaden slayed us and took our edges. Cos everything he wears looks fuckin’ fab! And remember:

P.S.: Dear Mister Smith, enclosed you will find my edges which were barely growing after Rihanna snatched them with the video version of Bitch Better Have My Money last week. I’ll pay the price of postage but I am humbly requesting the Jamaican Black castor oil you promised after the slay at Coachella with that bomb ass crown of roses. Sincerely, Alluvus.

Sage Nenyue

Sage is a twenty-something Millennial who lives with his partner and two cats in Recife, Brazil. He graduated with a Bachelor's in Communication Studies (Media Studies) from The College of Wooster and now teaches English to some of the most wonderful people you will ever meet.

2 thoughts to “When Jaden says Dress, Nobody can say No! (Video)”

  1. I thought the argument Kat Blaque made was a convincing one. At the very least she made me think about gender and how it applies to an entire community that may or may not identify with or may not be satisfied with the gender society deems correct. I am not only talking about LGBT, but anyone in our society that expresses gender differently than what we expect.

    1. Thanks for you comment Tea!, and I agree with you. A lot of people don’t think about gender outside of the gay/lesbian/bi community and it’s harmful to even straight people like Eddie Izzard (and especially the children who face bullying for “doing that sort of thing”).

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