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Interview with Microphile Erotic Artist Drevon the Colossus

drevon the colossus, giant man, shrunken men, gay, macrophile
Drevon the Colossus and a lucky (or unlucky–depending on your POV) partner.

With a name like Drevon the Colossus, there’s little room for ambiguity in what you’ll be getting when you click on one of his erotic videos. But if you’re thinking you’re going to find your run-of-the-mill big-dicked man and that’s it, you’re thinking far too small.

Drevon is a microphile, a man for whom the ideas of dominance and towering over teensy-weensy partners brings sexual arousal. Unlike macrophiles, who prefer to see themselves as the tiny ones who are dominated, The Colossus puts himself on top, expansive as the the horizon and as tall as a tower.

How did you know you were a macrophile? How did you express your desires?

I think the correct term in my case would be Microphile and not Macrophile? Since a Macrophile is a lover of large, and get off to the feeling of someone being vastly bigger than they are…

So, where I enjoy being in the position of the giant and not the tiny one, I think that lumps me under “lover of small”. Maybe the term Microphile isn’t used enough to be recognized as a fetish all in its self, therefore is simply grouped with the whole category of Macro. I apologize if I sound as though I’m being defensive, it’s just that I have the compulsion to clarify that I prefer to be labeled differently. Not out of pride, but because I don’t want there to be any misunderstanding of what it is I enjoy.

However to answer your question, I had realized that I enjoy towering over small, tiny, micro, shrunken people when I came to terms that I was simply a dominant person to begin with. In my head– I suppose– it just worked out like: “Macrophiles (in fantasy) stand just a few centimeters tall, are helpless, and (usually) want to be in that position. So I can do what ever it is I feel like doing to get off… That’s Hot!” I’m not going to say that it is the only thing I’m into, but it’s definitely something I find extraordinarily sexy.

gay microphile, macrophile, what is macrophilia, vore, crush

As a microphile, what does the fantasy of being a giant do for you? And the vore?

Being giant means being dominant; it means I can have what I want. On the flip side, though I enjoy getting what I want, I also really enjoy putting others in pleasure. I know it sounds like a conflicting sexuality, but the two can work well together in multiple ways.

For example when what I want is for them to be in pleasure while simultaneously be in pleasure myself: it’s a win-win. I understand that there are the select few who wish to be in that position that they are strictly being taken advantage, but it still fulfills that fantasy and the desires they have, ergo I am still am doing something for them while I dominate them.

The Vore aspect is a little different. It’s all about making them one with myself. I eat them, and their tiny forms become apart of my colossal being. Somehow that turns me on. I’m still exploring it.

How did you come about finding the microphile/macrophile community online? (Or offline?)

I worked with the reputable miss Katelyn Brooks on several occasions. This meaning camera work, being on the green screen, acting in parts in video’s with her as a giant/giantess couple, etc… She introduced me to the fetish.

As far as how I knew a community existed for guys who loved giant men… it was about a year or so ago when someone saw me in one of her films and asked for me to be a giant. That’s when I filmed my first video: “The Unaware Gentle Giant.” He really enjoyed it, and sent me the link to the community site where I get most of my traffic from.

When you decided to take the entrepreneureal route, how did you find your specific niche-within-a-niche?

My first paid customer prompted me. I broke it down with reason: “I can do something I enjoy for money? Why not start making the transition of a normal, mundane job to something I love doing?” There is obviously a demand for it, and as I grow in popularity I find the more requests I get. In time I hope to be bigger than I’m already starting off… and I mean that in multiple ways…

gay microphile, macrophile, what is macrophilia, vore, crush

What sets your content apart from the other content out there?

On top of my vastly exploratory sexuality driving me to get into the role of a giant and enjoy it, I like making things look good. I enjoy everything from the lighting and acting, to the post work.

I also understand that one can tell if a person is actually into what they’re doing, or are just doing it for the money. Which shows in everything in the video– from lighting and acting, to the post work. I also understand, from working with Katelyn brooks, that it never hurts to settle for nothing less what’s high quality, for it will forever be on the internet where hundreds upon thousands can see. Now I’m still learning to improve, as I’m by no means a master at cinematography or acting, but I’d like to think that I’ve a good start in the area and my fans can see that.

What advice do you have for anyone looking to get into micro/macro videomaking?

Have fun. Be creative. Know what it is you like, then shoot it.

Find Drevon Online

Though he can be seen from miles away on video, Drevon The Colossus can be found in the following spaces on the web, though it may be NSFW depending on where you work.





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