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Contemporary Queer is a publication dedicated to enriching the lives of queer people and we need everyday (extraordinary) folks like you to help us reach new heights! While there are precisely 747 bajillion reasons (by conservative counts) to donate, we’ll list 4 that we hope will persuade you to drop a buck (or a grand–we aren’t picky!) into the bucket!






Our goalĀ is to increase our production and reach manyfold in multi-media across as many platforms as is necessary.
Any gains we make and successes we achieve, we want to sustain and share them for as long as possible.
The people who bear their souls and laborĀ deserve to be rewarded. We want to make that happen. “Exposure” doesn’t pay rent.
You love what we’re doing and you want to encourage us because you’re always saying how you want to do more to help and now’s your chance.


Give Now

If you can’t make a gift at the time, we completely understand. You can help us meet our goal by telling your friends with a shareable:

Founder’s Funders

We’d like to take a moment to thank the people who were there and who helped out when Contemporary Queer was but a dream–more than that: A memory from a future that would eventually come to pass. Were it not for you all, the inaugural Technology Issue would not have been possible nor would the recently published Bodies Issue have seen the light of day.


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