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Our Queer Future and Beyoncé’s Accidental Impact

The amazing feeling when someone sums up your thoughts perfectly… I was lucky to get that feeling. How so? Like most good things, it started with Beyoncé.

Now, I frequently tweet about Beyoncé:

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

So yeah. A lot of my nirvana moments come through tweeting about Beyoncé (because did Beysus not slay for our sins?)

Through this tweet rant, I wound up talking to Jason, a psychologist I respect a lot. When I went over the conversation, I realized that a lot of his tweets expressed the ideas that Contemporary Queer was founded on. He allowed me to share them with you:

This hit me right in the feels because I’m constantly thinking about the future. I’ll spare you the vague “a better tomorrow” line, but I think Jason put our responsibility for the future into some great succulent tweets.

We need to do right for the future, whether through supporting their entrepreneurial activities or giving responsible advice. Our experiences can be a great help to them just as the experiences of James Baldwin, Bessie Smith, Audre Lourde, Harvey Milk, José Esteban Muñoz, and others. Just by being alive and speaking our truth, we are able to provide tools that help those who will come after us.

So what do you think? Do you agree with Jason? Or do we not owe anything to anyone but ourselves? Leave your comments below telling us why or why not. (Beyoncé gifs and video links are always welcome!)

Sage Nenyue

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