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“Magic” by Travis Alabanza

When the truth meets the universe, it makes Magic.

poet travis alabanza magicSpoken word artist and activist Travis Alabanza, originator of #NotYourPornHubCategory, slayed at a recent poetry reading in which he blessed the world with “Magic,” a piece from which we can all get our lives. I caught up with him to ask him to shed some light on why the slayage was necessary and what prompted it:

The inspiration: in short, is that it is describing the moment I realized the power in loving another Black boi. How the power of that love, the healing possibility, the strength in going against what we are told to love: can create such possibilities.

The poem encompasses the beauty. Power. Difficulty. Creativity. Healing nature and process you go through in black queer relationships.

Travis, a British resident, is currently traveling in the United States where he will hopefully give this side of the Atlantic some more of that magic!

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Sage Nenyue

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