Black Queer Men and Beauty

Can Black boys and men be “beautiful”?

Can they be beautiful if they aren’t muscled and large with lowcut hair affecting a huge masculine presence?

Can they be beautiful with straight hair and slighter bodies?

Can they be beautiful if their features aren’t read as “mixed” or they aren’t considered to be “striking” with some feature that is so extreme it is read as uniquely beautiful?

I think we can, but I think that in a society that ain’t never loved us, we have to blaze our trails and set fire to the path to light up our way. Read More

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Finding the White Witch In Queer and Trans Youth of Color

The color white is often referred to as the source of pureness, cleansing, hope, and good… while the color black has been synonymous with evil, filth, and corruption. Keep in mind this is a certain type of thinking, which doesn’t necessarily make it everyone’s truth. Many people uphold the color black as a core of equality and strength, and in the same breath will hold white to malevolence, dullness, and oppression. Even more so, there are people who think both black and white work together as agents of love. The only reason I mention this is to point out my own struggle with the term “white witch” and how I came to use the term in my day to day work. Read More