venus thomas hinyard, sexualities, poetry, queer, trans, nonbinary



on my arched back

lie the consequences and trajectories

of branding myself a slut

before anyone else leaks my body.

i fuck freely and  (don’t) trigger

the islands i crash.

i fuck by consensual invitation

parting pussies with red polished fingernails
& greeting dicks inside a thankful mouth
& all parties musically moaning until we make monsoons.

in the present tense

we execute the fucks of the century

molding them into memories for future masturbatory assistance.

my back carries no hesitation
bears no cross
shimmies with the joy of cumming

& never complains about conjoined lips offering explicit amens

in pornographic solitude.

Venus-Thomas Hinyard

VENUS-THOMAS HINYARD is a Black queer non-binary trans womyn based in Washington, D.C. A writer, artist, performer, and advocate, she is working on her undergraduate degree at Southern New Hampshire University and has performed at venues including Busboys and Poets and NYU Washington, DC. Venus was a finalist at the Capturing Fire International Queer Poetry Slam in 2014 and 2015. A contributor at This Bridge Called Our Health and BlaQueerFlow, she spends her time tweeting, shading while sipping mimosas, organizing rhythm nations for Janet Jackson, and working on her first book of poems.