Come here boy, my bitter cup of coffee

awake aromatic senses as I sip slowly your letters ‘bout love, lips, and sin

as my breath, boy, meets your fire, heating my desire, I feel your touch in my gut dispersing through my body, boy, like desperate darts, dashing by danger signs.

Deeper still, even your promise of promethean heat pleasures parts of my person that are punished, through politics of prayer.

Grinding your body, boy, like espresso beans yet your expression seems so cool- excuse my mocha flavored drool.

jayy dodd

Jayy Dodd is a writer and artist from Los Angeles, now based in the Boston. He's an assistant editor for The Offing Magazine; a channel of the LA Review of Books. His work has appeared in Huffington Post and Black Youth Project Blog, among other online culture sites and magazines. He has a B.A. from Tufts University.