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trigger by Venus Selenite | CQ Interview

venus selenite trigger, poet, artistVenus Selenite, DC-based poet and social critic from Baton Rouge, Louisiana  and self-described lesbiqueer has been in the poetry circuit since her early to mid teens. So it should come as no shock that she’s harnessed everything she’s learned and experienced to focus it into her debut book of poetry: triger.

And yes, the ‘t’ is lowercase, thank you very much. *Nail polish emoji*

A Black nonbinary trans woman who’s words can bring comfort or start fires, Venus agreed to let me conduct this interview on behalf of Contemporary Queer in celebration for trigger’s grand debut! Read More

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faking it.


i have fallen in love, enough,

so that i do not parade with my lips

orange and gleaming, so that i do not

poof out my breasts, cheeks full of air.

the dark bits of me lay cleavaged

in contagion, exposed only to shame

and quick dirty peekaboos. Read More