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Interview with Microphile Erotic Artist Drevon the Colossus

drevon the colossus, giant man, shrunken men, gay, macrophile
Drevon the Colossus and a lucky (or unlucky–depending on your POV) partner.

With a name like Drevon the Colossus, there’s little room for ambiguity in what you’ll be getting when you click on one of his erotic videos. But if you’re thinking you’re going to find your run-of-the-mill big-dicked man and that’s it, you’re thinking far too small.

Drevon is a microphile, a man for whom the ideas of dominance and towering over teensy-weensy partners brings sexual arousal. Unlike macrophiles, who prefer to see themselves as the tiny ones who are dominated, The Colossus puts himself on top, expansive as the the horizon and as tall as a tower.

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