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Our Queer Future and Beyoncé’s Accidental Impact

The amazing feeling when someone sums up your thoughts perfectly… I was lucky to get that feeling. How so? Like most good things, it started with Beyoncé.

Now, I frequently tweet about Beyoncé:

Exhibit A

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8 Undeniable Signs Your Child is Queer or Trans

Is there something not quite straight about your kid that you can’t put your finger on?

Do they seem to be more interested in playing with toys not arbitrarily marked as belonging to the gender they belong to with splashes of color that, only 100 years ago, had a different signification?

Do they question why when it comes to the obvious and meticulously thought-out reasons that some people only wear pants and some people only wear skirts and dresses? (Unless they’re Jaden Smith or Kanye West or preserving Scottish heritage?)

But you don’t wanna slam down any accusations of queer or lesbian or gay or transgender prematurely, do you?

Science is finding ways to improve our methodology as we speak.


This post is for parents and parental figures who want to know for certain that the signs are 100% correct with no ambiguity whatsoever. In order to activate, you simply begin to listen to your kid when….

1. They tell you in the living room.

2. They tell you in the car.

3. They write you a letter telling you so.

4. They email you telling you so.

5. They text you telling you so.

6. They do an interpretive dance act and ask you to interpret the dance and upon your multiple failed attempts they sigh and finally tell you but not before asking you to go to take a class.

7. They sit in silence after calling you over and then say nevermind and then call you back and blurt it out quickly and you ask them to repeat and they tell you.

8. They make a riddle based on words and the revelation is the answer and you confirm to make sure “I’m Gary” wasn’t the answer and they’re not telling you about a secret double life.

And these are only the tip of the iceberg.

Fun fact: There’s no “way” to know. Sexuality and gender are very subjective experiences that are shaped and molded by the individual and their environment. No matter how “your sister always knows” and you caw-caw and kiki about how you knew so-and-so was such-and-such, the winning bet is creating a comfortable and inviting space and waiting for them to tell you. If they so choose.

Share your thoughts and feelings in the comments below telling us how you create open and inviting space for others to be able to share. Or tell us about someone who made it extremely easy for you to come out or just be yourself without having to say anything.