Trans Future Under Temer (WATCH)

If you’ve been following the chaos that has been the state of Brazilian politics lately, you’ll know that the democratically voted president Dilma Rousseff of the Brazilian Worker’s Party is facing impeachment (which, thanks to new evidence, people are calling a right-wing coup d’état) and that centrist Vice President Michel Temer is now acting as the interim president while the Senate works on the case against Rousseff. If it seems confusing and impossible to understand, don’t worry–it is!

Within the first few days of his ascention to the executive post, Temer and his newly-appointed cis white male cabinet proceeded to toss Brazilian progress back by 50 years, doing away with the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Racial Equality, the Ministry of Women, and the Ministry of Human Rights. Temer’s government seems to scream to anyone in doubt that it does not care for it’s most vulnerable groups at the institutional level.

It is a whirlwind of information and politics that has material consequences for people just trying to live their lives.

In this interview, I ask Morgan, a trans artist living and studying in Recife, Pernambuco, about her perspective on the goings on as it relates to trans people. This is what she had to say:


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What’s it Like to be Gay in Recife?

What’s it like to be gay in Recife?!

Being gay in Recife is just like being gay anywhere else: You gay-wake up, go to your gay-car to get to gay-work, eat your gay-lunch and talk to your gay-gay friends and your gay-straight friends… KIDDING!

While the reality of it is that being gay in Recife has commonalities with every other place in the world, there are also some unique aspects that are probably specific (or so it may seem) to Recife. And these perspectives can change depending on your wealth, your color, your gender, and your expression–or your unique outlook on life. But for the moment I’ll try to be as general as possible. (more…)

what does cafucu mean in english

What Does Cafuçú Mean?

Brazil is one of those places where even when you’ve learned the language (or are learning, as is my case) there will always be some new expression that isn’t in your handy copy of “Everything You Need to Know About Brazilian Portuguese and Then Some.” Brazilian Portuguese is an immensely rich language with new phrases coming into the mainstream everyday. Multiplied by the fact that queer co-cultures create their own meanings and understandings… [Insert your deity here] have mercy! Today we’ll look at Cafuçú.

What does Cafuçú mean?

“Cafuçú” (pronounced: kah-foo-SOO) used in common Portuguese gay vernacular is a word that many queer Americans might understand as “trade”, or a masculine “straight-acting” and well-built man.  My initial understanding of cafuçú is that of “sexy gardener” or “sexy pool boy” or “sexy construction worker who arrives conveniently when someone’s partner isn’t there for some knock-knock-nookums.” Turns out I wasn’t far off. (more…)